Fertiliser & Grass Seed


General garden fertiliser used for spring, summer, autumn top dressing. This balanced fertiliser can also be used as a preseeder before turf is laid on a new garden.

Fertiliser – 5kg & 10kg Buckets

Analysis: nitrogen 8%, phosphorus 24%, potash 24%, contains sulphur (strengthens leaf blade).

Used as a pre-seeder the 5kg bucket will cover approximately 250 square metres or 500 square metres with the 10kg bucket.
Apply fertiliser to the prepared soil bed before the turf is rolled out at a rate of 25 grams / square metre.

Once the lawn is established apply fertiliser at 8 week stage.

For top dressing an established lawn apply 20-30 grams per square metre.

General garden fertiliser can be used all year round.

In spring/summer apply at 6-8 week intervals.
In autumn/winter apply at 12-16 week intervals.

Sow fertiliser evenly.

Do not apply fertiliser during a drought period unless there is means of watering.

Always cut grass before applying fertiliser and allow fertiliser at least 1 week to activate before resuming normal grass cutting programme.

Grass Seed

Evergreen Vista Standard Grass Seed is available in 2 kg or 4 kg buckets.

Directions for use:

Sow April – September at a rate of approximately 25 grams per square metre.