Wildflower Carpet

The latest addition to Evergreen Lawns product range is a blooming turf. It is a lower maintenance product to meet the needs of the more eco friendly customer. Wildflowers make a major contribution to a healthy eco system. They attract beneficial pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds in addition to providing a diverse and attractive landscape. Similar products are becoming increasingly popular on television and with developers, architects and homeowners as an alternative to grass lawns and flower beds.

Evergreen Wildflower Carpet has been developed and evaluated with the help of Greenmount College to ensure it is produced consistently and to a high standard. It differs from other products on the market as Evergreen Lawns use 100% pure wildflower seed rather than a grass mixture. By using only pure wildflower seed this avoids the dominance of grasses often associated with traditional wildflower mixes. It also allows establishment of as many flowers as possible. Any pre-existing grass, native or annual may start to emerge after the first season.


Evergreen Wildflower Carpet can be used on areas which are usually difficult to cultivate. Wildflowers naturally prefer poorer soil as more grasses will start to invade as fertility increases.


Like all wildflowers, Evergreen Wildflower Carpet prefers a location in full sun for optimal flowering and is not recommended for shady areas or under trees.


Evergreen Wildflower Carpet contains a mixture of perennial and annual seed to give a flowering period from April to September.


Before ordering, the ground should be properly prepared. The soil should be cultivated and left free from weeds, grass and stones. When using a total weed killer always follow the instructions leaving the recommended time after application before laying the wildflower carpet.


The preferred times to lay Evergreen Wildflower Carpet are February - April giving it time to establish before summer flowering, or September - November to establish for flowering the following year. The wildflower carpet is generally supplied in rolls like conventional turf and in order to do this the wildflowers are cut to a height of approx 6” meaning it will not be delivered in flower.

Evergreen Wildflower Carpet is available for collection/delivery from Evergreen Lawns direct. It is also available to order at the following outlets:

Landscape Supplies, 274 Bangor Road, Newtownards

Evergreen Wildflower Carpet should be laid immediately upon delivery/collection on a damp, prepared surface. It will then require regular watering to encourage good root establishment. Continue watering until the roots have caught and the wildflower carpet cannot be easily lifted off the surface.



Once established, maintenance of Evergreen Wildflower Carpet is minimal. It should only need mowing twice in the year.

1. In the spring to control any grasses that may have established over the winter and to tidy it in preparation for the spring growth.

2. In the autumn after flowering has finished and any seeds have dropped. This allows the wildflowers to self seed and rejuvenate the sward for the following year. The mowing of Evergreen Wildflower Carpet should be carried out with a reciprocating or flail mower, or a strimmer to shake out any remaining seeds. The flowers should be cut to a height between 4 - 6” in both spring and autumn. The cuttings should be collected after mowing to leave the wildflower carpet free from any added nutrients or nourishment and thus discourage grass establishment. Fertiliser should not normally be required and additional wildflower seed may be sown onto the wildflower carpet to enhance the colour or variety if you wish.


Evergreen Wildflower Carpet once established,  can be used as a sustainable way of decorating your home with fresh flowers providing your own instant on-site cutting garden.  Examples of some decorating/entertaining ideas can be found on the Gallery page.